Can you have too many coffee mugs?

Can you have too many coffee mugs?

Today we are looking at a selection of coffee mugs available on our online shop. There is a wide variety available with different shapes, sizes, colours, designs and materials used. The first product here is new for October 2023 and has an attractive Scandi-style 'Bauhaus' geometric design with a navy blue and white colour scheme. Below are two William Morris floral patterns; 'Strawberry Thief' and 'Acanthus'. Lastly, for the music lovers out there, are some guitar themed mugs with a black background. Can you ever have too many mugs?

Navy Blue & White Bauhaus Mugs

Set of 2 Navy Blue & White Bauhaus Scandi Mugs

William Morris 'Acanthus' Floral Mugs

Set of 2 Dark Floral 'Acanthus' Coffee Mugs

William Morris 'Strawberry Thief' Mugs

Set of 2 Red Floral 'Strawberry Thief' Coffee Mugs

Black & White Guitar Pattern Mugs

Set of 2 Black & White Guitar Coffee Mugs

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